Through The Fire

From an honor student in high school, to a U of Iowa grad, to a biotech scientist then a paradigm shift to a cannabis pioneer and finally on to a multinational / MSO, Calvin has left a mark on the story of cannabis… and is still going.

Commitment To Education


Business and Entrepreneurship




Creating Brands and Popularizing the Industry

In order for this industry to take off, it needed acceptance. Calvin spent time and effort and took great risks by doing documentaries, reality TV, and bringing in high-profile celebrities to promote this industry. He started his genetic company Cloneville and his cannabis brand Hip Hop Legacy Brands.


Increasing Social Equity within the Industry

Social Equity within this industry is a big deal to Calvin. It is one of his number one goals for the industry. As the first legally recognized black cannabis business in the country (circa 2005), he has worked with or influenced other black women and men to get into this industry and thrive. Like Wanda James, the first black licensed dispensary, cultivation, and edibles brands in the country (circa 2009). Cat Packer, the first black Director of Cannabis Regulations in any major city (LA). Faye Coleman, one of the first black women to earn a retail and consumption lounge in New Jersey. Dameon, Sheira, and Kila of Illinois, one of the first all-black-owned Microbusinesses in that state.

Speaking Circuit

In order for an industry to truly take off, pioneers have to reach out and spread true and real information to the public. Calvin started to speak, moderate, host, co-host, and keynote at major conferences around the country to advocate for sensible rules and regulations for the industry.


Global / National Business and Brand Ownership

Calvin has worked long and hard to build up this industry for everyone. He has also made great strides in building his personal brand. He has equity in six stores throughout Thailand, and his Hip Hop Legacy branded stores are a hit there. He still has equity in other states throughout the US. He is in talks with one of the potentially biggest MSOs in the United States to become their Chief Business Development Officer, a major accomplishment for a black man in the cannabis space.