Strain Info




Common Names Strain Type Common Names Strain Type
Afghani Kush (Strong Indica) Durban Poison (Sativa)
Ak 47 (Sativa) Diesel (Strong Sativa)
Afghooey (Sativa Dominant) Early Pearl (Sativa)
A-Train (Sativa/Indica) Flo (Strong Sativa)
AF- Wreck (Sativa Dominant) F 13 (Sativa Dominant)
Banana ( Indica) Fire OG (Strong Indica)
Banana Kush ( Indica) Goo (Indica Dominant)
Buddha’s Sister ( Indica) Grape Ape ( Indica)
Big Bud (Indica Dominant) Grapefruit (Sativa Dominant)
Blackberry Kush (Strong Indica) Grand Daddy Purple ( Indica)
Blueberry ( Indica) GrandDaddyPur. Kush (Strong Indica)
Blueberry Kush (Strong Indica) Green Goblin (Strong Sativa)
Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant) G 13 (Strong Indica)
Blue Moon/Shine ( Indica) HashBerry (Indica Dominant)
Blue Dot (Sativa Dominant) HashPlant (Indica Dominant)
Bubba Kush (Strong Indica) HeroJuana (Strong Indica)
Bubblegum ( Indica) Hawaiian Haze X Afghani (Sativa Dominant)
Bullrider ( Indica) Hawaiian Haze (Sativa Dominant)
Bwanana (Sativa Dominant) Heavy Duty Fruity ( Indica)
Cat Piss (Sativa) HeadBand (Strong Sativa)
Cali Mist (Sativa) Hogsbreath (Sativa Dominant)
Chem Dawg (Strong Sativa) Hindu Kush (Strong Indica)
Cheese (Sativa) Humboldt ( Indica)
Cotton Candy (Sativa Dominant) Ice (Sativa Dominant)
Cinderella 99 (Sativa) Island Sweet Skunk (Sativa Dominant)
Common Names Strain Type Common Names Strain Type
Jack Herer (Strong Sativa) Pure Kush (Strong Indica)
Julius Ceasar (Strong Indica) Purple Kush (Strong Indica)
Juicy Fruit Indica/Sativa Purple Urkle ( Indica)
Kushage (Indica Dominant) Romulan ( Indica)
La Confidential (Strong Indica) Sage (Sativa)
Lavender (Sativa Dominant) Sensi Star ( Indica)
Lemon (Sativa) Shishkeberry (Sativa Dominant)
Mango (Sativa Dominant) Shiva Skunk ( Indica)
Mango Kush (Strong Indica) Skunk ( Indica)
Master Kush (Strong Indica) Skywalker OG ( Strong Indica)
Maui Haze (Sativa Dominant) SnowCap (Sativa)
Maui Wowie (Sativa Dominant) Sour Diesel (Strong Sativa)
Morning Star (Sativa) Strawberry Cough (Sativa)
Northern Lights ( Indica) Super Silver Haze (Sativa)
Nor. Lights X Blueberry ( Indica) Sweet Skunk (Sativa)
Nor. Lights X Haze (Indica Dominant) Sweet Tooth (Sativa Dominant)
Neville’s Haze (Sativa) Thai Haze (Sativa Dominant)
OG Kush X Bubba Kush (Strong Indica) White Widow (Sativa Dominant)
OG Kush X Sour Diesel (Strong Indica) White Rhino (Sativa)
OG Kush (Strong Indica) Willie Nelson (Sativa)
The Purps (Sativa) William Wonder (Sativa Dominant)
Pineapple ( Indica)
Platinum Kush (Strong Indica)
Pot of Gold (Strong Indica)
Purple Haze (Sativa)