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How to Flush Cannabis Plants

When starting out as a cannabis grower, “flushing” is a term you might be unfamiliar with. Although visions of frantically trying to shove a cannabis plant down a toilet may come to mind, flushing is actually when you stop feeding the plants nutrients and simply give them water. The process is generally as easy at it sounds; however, knowing precisely when to flush and how often is a more refined skill.

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Your Next Massage Should Be Cannabis-Infused

First, because cannabinoids react positively with the muscles in your body. Traveling Hands Massage therapists use a full-spectrum cannabis oil that is extremely potent and able to penetrate through the skin layers and into your muscle tissue to soothe and relax.

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Cost Of Starting A Home Grow

Growing your own marijuana is a gratifying experience. However, many people take a step back due to the high cost involved in the whole process. With recent developments in the industry, the prices have dropped down to some extent.

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